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Milton Bradley's Gamesmaster series boardgame of plastic men fighting World War II.
BattleTech: The boardgame by WizKids. Strap yourself into the ultimate suit of armor- the BattleMech: thirty feet tall and weighing up to a hundred tons. This humanoid machine you control is a walking arsenal with enough firepower to level a city. The BattleTech game system takes you into the world of the 31st century, where war has become a way of life, and great empires and tiny factions struggle for control of humankind.
Original game design by Larry Pinsky 1965. Published by Avalon Hill 1975 and 1985. Blitzkrieg came in the original package at three levels: Basic, Intermediate and Tournament. The Basic level was a simple knockout contest, with the losing counters in a battle being eliminated from the board. Troops supplied were armour, infantry, airborne, airborne armour(!), artillery and marines, who at this level did not have any amphibious capability. At the intermediate level Rangers, supply and naval rules were added, plus an abstract method of attritional combat for the five nameless minor countries, although the game was still fairly straightforward. Complexity was really added with the Tournament level, which supplied fighter, tactical support, medium- and heavy bombers and a host of air rules. Most importantly, it added a system of step reduction for units instead of complete annihilation. While this was more realistic, the way it was handled by the game system in practice led to a middle game of slugging attrition, the two sides lined up facing each other and making endless die rolls to inflict casualties. There were also some fairly reasonable rules for production of units and supply centres.
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"Diskwars is like nothing you've ever seen before. Build your own custom fantasy army out of beautifully-illustrated battle disks and wage war on your opponents. Each army pack comes with monsters, magic spells, unique personalities and more! Diskwars is playable by any number of players on any flat surface. What you get: Each army pack comes with five flats of disks for that army, including a home land disk and all the counters you will need. Also included in each pack are three random flats featuring special characters, monsters and powerful spells." -Taken from the Official Diskwars page by Fantasy Flight Games
Published by Guild of Blades Publishing Group. A medieval territorial strategy war game series. Europe 1483. Asia 1483. Africa 1483. 1492: The New World: North America. A medieval game of strategy, war, and diplomacy.
Published by Guild of Blades Publishing Group. The Great War in Africa is a World War I territorial strategy game. A variant of the Axis & Allies board game system, and expansion game for The War to End All Wars, it offers an easy to play D10 based combat system and territories with resource values for production. The Great War in Africa provides two primary game scenarios. The first of these is a stand alone scenario, which makes this a stand alone game. In this game players use only the Great War in Africa game map and compete for domination of the African colonies, receiving trickles of reinforcements from the European home countries. The second scenario allows this game to replace the central and lower African territories on the main War to End All Wars game maps, allowing the two games to be combined into a larger meta game.
A set of modern tactical naval wargame rules. Written by Larry Bond and Chris Carlson. There are at least 4 editions. It is a detailed naval wargame available short of the classified ones. Harpoon was used by Tom Clancy during preparation of his first novel, The Hunt for Red October, and also for modelling the story for Red Storm Rising. The game itself is, as most serious naval wargames, meant for play with miniature ships. All ranges are measured in nautical miles. Harpoon uses a free gameboard. There are no hexes or premeasured abstractions. Ships, subs and planes move in degrees and centimeters or inches. Alternatively, the game can be played on graph paper and positions plotted in accordance with orders given. In most games, a referee is useful for those cat-and-mouse scenarios where the referee coordinates the plottings of the players, revealing the enemies' plottings when in range.
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Copyright 1986 to 1991 by Barry Nakazono and David McKenzie. Published by Leading Edge. A war game, although it also *might* be played as a miniature game with some modifications. Phoenix Command is a small arms combat simulation designed to be used with dice, paper, and/or miniatures. The Phoenix Command rules use a modular design which allows them to be inserted into any set of roleplaying game rules, or wargame rules. Rules exist for Small Arms, Mechanized (Tanks and Vehicles), Artillery, Hand-to-hand, Special Weapons, Roleplaying, and other aspects of warfare. Weapons data exists for many weapons, ranging from medieval to futuristic.
Game created by Charles J Smaltz.
Published by Guild of Blades Publishing Group. A strategy board game covering the Russian Revolution following the end of the World War I. It is an easy to learn Axis & Allies variant style game, yet represents the conflict in Russia with historical accuracy. For 2-6 players, the Rise of the Red Army primarily represents the Bolshevik (Reds) conflict with the Crimean and Siberian (White) Russian opposition forces. In the middle of this conflict you have a number of "wild cards". Such as the Ukrainian Anarachist movement which fought against both the "Reds" and the "Whites". Such as the nations of Finland, Poland, and the Baltic states first fighting for self liberation, then territorial acquisitions against the various Russian factions. Toss in a Japanese occupation of the far east and western support of the Crimean, Siberian, and Northern White Factions.
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Published by Guild of Blades Publishing Group. "Rome's Greatest Foe: The 2nd Punic War" is a fast paced 2- player territorial strategy board game. Carthage and the famed Hannibal squares off against the Roman Republic and its allies. Presenting Rome's allies of Messalia and Illyria and the Macedonian invasion of Illyria. Includes war elephants, generals with special abilities, and population limitations. Nations may bid on tribal relations in Gaul, Africa, and Iberia for troop movement advantages and the ability to hire mercenaries from those lands. Rome's most desperate war in a short 2-3 hour game session.
Alternate name is "Samurai Swords". You will play for who will be the next emperor (Shogun) of Japan. You can make treaties with other players, brake them just as easy, all for that only purpose. There are a lot of ways to get to your goal, just use the regular forces, hire mercenaries to kill the leaders of your enemies armies. Make treaties and use your ally, before he'll turns against you.
Published by Guild of Blades Publishing Group. The Spanish Civil War is 2-6 player territorial strategy game. A variant of the Axis & Allies board game system, it offers an easy to play D10 based combat system and territories with resource values for production. The Spanish Civil War provides two game scenarios. In the historical scenario the Spanish Nationalists and the German/Italian support forces face off against the Spanish Republican forces and their Soviet allies along with the volunteer brigades. The Republic begins game play with more productivity, but must face a stronger Nationalist army and hold ground against it. The second scenario allows for an alternate historical scenario. In this scenario, both Britain and France, who approved of neither the Republic or Nationalists, move to support a Portuguese invasion of Iberia. This is a 3-6 player scenario pitting three unaligned forces against each other for control of both Spain and Portugal.
Published by Guild of Blades Publishing Group. A World War I territorial strategy game. A variant of the Axis & Allies board game system, it offers an easy to play D10 based combat system and territories with resource values for production. The War to End All Wars is an easy to play World War I historical strategy game. Starting in 1914 the game sets the Central Powers against the Allies in a deadly conflict of attrition trench warfare. Players assume control of Germany, Austro-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire, Britain, France, Russia, Serbia, Italy, the United States, and even Japan! Can the Russian fend off a three front war against the Germans, Austrians, and Ottomans and still have strength enough to deal with the rise of the Bolshevik Revolution? Will the western front trench lines become a killing ground of mass proportions? Will the German submarine assault starve the British into submission, or will the British effectively manage the resources from their global empire and champion the Allied war effort. Released with a large 22" x 40" full color game map, this ready to play boxed game will provide historical detail on the Russian Revolution that you might expect from a complete historical simulation, but will maintain the Empires of History easy to play game mechanics. To include optional scenario that will allow players to link the Rise of the Red Army game into the standard War to End All Wars game.