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Bats Game is a baseball dice game.
Blood Bowl casts you in the role of a coach of an awe-inspiring team of Elves, Orcs, Undead, Dwarfs; all the major races of the Known World have teams of mighty warriors who battle in great arenas for their people's honour, pride and the sheer unmitigated hell of it! You decide the line-up, choose the tactics and remember.. "It's not the winning or losing - it's the mayhem and violence that count!" (taken from 2nd edition game box) Blood Bowl is a Games Workshop game of fantasy football for 2 players, aged 14-adult.
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Designed by Richard Carriere. Published by Logihockey Inc. Each player represents a specific hockey town and strives to win The Canadian City Challenge! Players move markers around a board representing a hockey rink, draw cards containing hockey notions and use dice to play hockey games against other Canadian City Teams.
Designed by Anthony Johnson. Published by Roycebros Entertainment Inc. There are several species of freshwater fish lurking in the depths of Lunker Lake. Muskie, walleye, lake trout, pike, large and small mouth bass of various sizes... It's when you catch a lunker that the fun really begins.