The goal of a race game is to be the first to get your pieces in the winning arrangement or location, while preventing your opponent from doing the same. Both games with a racing theme (for instance a car race or a horse race) and games where the victory condition is winning a race (but the theme is something else) are listed in this category.
Relive the days of ancient Rome, become Caesar's favoured charioteer and win the love of the crowds who flock to see the spectacle. Ave Caesar is a race game where up to 6 players battle for victory on a number of gruelling races in the Circus Maximus.
In this game the camel keeper who arrives first to the emperors palace and have the most silk bundles wins the competition and the favour of the emperor.
Designed by J. Paul Bruton. Published by his company Aaabcuz Inc. For 10 years and up. Players buy a car, then hit the road in a race to the finish line! At Gas Stations along the road, players "work" and make money for the drive. Valuable Draw Cards help you to overcome feisty opponent drivers.
RoboRally is a series of games originally designed by Richard Garfield. 2-8 players race robots across a selection of boards which represent parts of a widget factory. RoboRally was first released by Wizards of the Coast in 1994. Amigo Games released a German version in 1999. Various expansion sets and rule variants have since been introduced. The game was re-released in 2005.
Designed and published by Team Sawicki Company 1999. A 3-D NASCAR board game that uses Action Performance 1/64 diecast collectible stock cars as game pieces.
A horse racing game was invented in Leeds in 1937 and first produced by Waddingtons in 1938. It has two distinct parts that are played in each side of a double-sided playing board.