Designed by Paul Randles & Daniel Stahl. Original game published in German as Piratenbucht 2002 by Amigo. English version published 2003 by Days of Wonder as Pirate's Cove. For 3-6 players and takes about 90 minutes to play. For 10 years old and up. The goal is to collect as fame points as possible during 12 rounds. You may get these through burying treasures on Treasure Island, through victories over Blackbeard, the Royal Navy or your opponents, and also through the tell-tale cards. One of the main thing with the game is to try to outguess the other players. The game is played in 12 rounds. Each round has 6 phases: 1. Pirate Cards are revealed and ships navigate 2. Action cards are played 3. Battles are fought and won 4. Islands are plundered 5. Special island functions are executed 6. Blackbeard sails