Fantasy themed games. Often in a medieval environment, with different kind of legendary monsters, wizards, heroes, dwarves and elves.
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A "Talisman-like" game, which target is to get all the six artifacts which are spread out "outdoors" (in the middle of the game board). Meanwhile becomes the characters better on fighting and defending themselves against monsters, guardians and opponents.
BattleLore is a board based fantasy battle game for two players. It was created by Richard Borg and is published by Days of Wonder.

Players control armies of miniatures which include humans, dwarves, goblins and the like - as well as certain special creatures like elementals.

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Designed by Michael Kindred and Malcolm Goldsmith. Published 1988 by Waddingtons. For 2-4 players from 8 years and up. Deep in the forest a wicked witch has cast her evil spell on all the princes in the land and has turned them all into frogs -- they are bewitched. The race is on to find the spell book which will reverse the spell. Danger lurks around every corner ; stubborn cats and deadly snakes faithfully guard the witch's secret spell. Only one frog will survive to become a prince again and live happily ever after.
Published by Chivalry Games. A 3D fantasy board game. Each player selects their starting armies that they will use to battle against their enemies in an attempt to conquer the castle for their King or Queen. The armies consist of many different fantasy fighters with unique skills and weaknesses such as wizards, dragons, unicorns, knights, and archers.
Designed and published by George Vernon, Cropcircle Games. For Crop Circle fanatics. A game for all life forms, believers, healers, hoaxers and jokers.
Dork Tower is the boardgame version of the John Kovalic comic book of the same name.
A fantasy board game from Milton Bradley.
2002 fantasy battle game from Fantasy Flight Games
2003 dwarf and mithril themed boardgame from Fantasy Flight Games that features risk management elements.
Talisman is a fantasy board game produced by Games Workshop for at least two players. The 2nd edition, (nearly identical to the 1st) produced in 1983 was the most popular version to date. Several supplementary expansions added new cards, characters, and board pieces for the original Talisman game. However, in 1993 Games Workshop produced a 3rd edition with plastic figures and slightly updated rules.
Submissions for sites covering any edition of Talisman are allowed in this category. However, most of the sites pertain to the 2nd edition, and others will be noted as such in their description.
Sites devoted to Board Games based on Tolkien's Middle-earth.
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Wiz-War is a board and card game invented by Tom Jolly. The players compete as wizards attempting to steal their opponents' treasure chests on a maze-like game board. Cards are used to cast 100 different kinds of spells that attack the other wizards or perform special actions.
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Published by Guild of Blades Publishing Group. A new fantasy adventure board game modeled after a classic. In this Talisman-look-alike variant, players assume one of 15 characters and compete by either growing in strength and venturing to the center of the board and defeating the Chaos Lord, or by completing the three character quests each character begins play with.
1991 game from Mayfair Games set in Piers Anthony's fictional land of Xanth.