This category lists games where the players find treasures or items. These games often also have an archaeological theme or a voyage theme.
Designed by Funtasy Factory 2002. Published by Ravensburger. For 3-5 players and takes about 60 minutes to play. A marketing game for Siemens Business Services about finding "e- and m-business cards". Players represent one of 5 expeditions in the jungle, which try to leave it unscratched. How to reach the pyramids first and lucky enough to avoid swamps, floods, unfamiliar animals, disease and strange signs? Who will use items such as cell phone, laptop, GPS system, analysis equipment, webcam and PDA on their own.
Assassin is an Avalon Hill game designed by Chris Bayliss and Rex A. Martin and published in 1993. Players score points by moving around a map of Europe; each destination earns the player points.
Diamond City is a 1995 boardgame for between 2 and 6 players. The object of the game is to determine the identity of a robber and transporting him to the police station.
Designed by Wolfgang Kramer 2002. Published by Goldsieber. For 2-5 players and takes 60-80 minutes. Through collecting different stuff and use them to solve quests and discover new areas (tiles), you'll finally come to the temple "at the end of the road", where you find the precious treasure of gold. But with some luck you may find enough gold to win, even if it's to hard to reach all the way.
Published 2002 by Wilcot Group.For 2-4 players, 10 years old and up. Explore and capture treasure using their submarine fleet. The game features a three-dimensional, reconfigurable board, torpedoes, and monsters that move around the board on their own. Players can win by being the last Captain standing or by finding the most treasure. Here is the sequence of events in each player ’s turn: 1.Roll the red Hazard movement die.(If playing the random Exploration point variations,roll all of the dice together.) 2.Based on the roll of the red die,move the Hazard. 3.Handle any penalties created by the Hazard movement. 4.Player spends Exploration Points.