Different kind of economical games. 'Monopoly' is probably the best-known example of this genre.
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Acquire is a strategy board game that came into existence around 1968. Developed by Sid Sackson and marketed initially by 3M, the game has been updated and is now owned by Avalon-Hill. The game is a stock-trading, finance game will a relatively simple set of rules.
Agricola is a board game for one to five players (teen to adult) that focuses on developing a farm in fourteen turns. The game was created by Uwe Rosenberg, a German game designer. It has won several awards including the 2008 Deutscher Spiele Preis (German Game Prize) and Spiel des Jahres's (Game of the Year) Best Complex Game 2008.
If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Sid Sackson should be flattered indeed. Airlines, Alan Moon's game of flight path building and airline control, was clearly inspired by Sackson's classic Acquire. Fortunately, it brings some new elements to the party, resulting in a fresh, lively variation that stands well on its own.
The board shows a track through the four quarters of Basra, and the very nicely made Ali Baba figure is moved around the track using movement cards. The full set of movement cards moves Ali once around the board, and two such rounds make up one game.
Designed by Robert Kiyosaki. For age 10 and up. A board game that teaches you the basic financial skills of sophisticated investors. This game teaches you accounting, financial management, and investing all at the same time. Take control of your personal finances and become financially free on your current salary, by learning how to invest with more sophistication and lower risk.
Designed 1979 by 1979. George Rohrbacher. Published by The Weekend Farmer Co. A Russian language version of the game is copyrighted 1994. Each player starts the game with 20 acres inherited from Grandpa. This property includes 10 acres in hay and 10 acres in grain. The 20 acres is not a large enough farm to make a living for a family, so each game farmer must also have a part-time job in town. With each completed trip around the gameboard you receive $5,000 from your year's wages to plow back into the farm. The object of the game is to build your farm large enough to be able to quit the job in town, come home to be your own boss, and farm full time. If you can do that without going broke, you win the game.
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Settlers of Catan is one of a new breed of semi-abstract board games invented in Germany during the last several years. (I have heard Settlers described as the original German board game which started this fad) It has garnered several prestigious awards. An English language version of the game and some (but not all) of its expansion sets are produced in America by Mayfair Games. The basic game is for 2-4 players. A 5-6 player expansion is available, but the basic game is better with three and best with four players. It is played on a grid of hexagonal tiles with different terrain types: forest, hill, mountain, pasture, field, desert, water. Each terrain type produces a different type of resource: grain, wool, wood, brick, stone used to build roads, settlements and cities.
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A game whose goal is to circulate the board with a full staff of employees.