Games where the players have different numbers of pieces, the pieces of one player have different abilities than the pieces of the other player, or the players have different goals to win the game.
Designed 1998 by Stephan Alexander and Abu Can Peter and Christian Andreas Abu Sseyif Fritz. Published by Mandua Trading Company. For 2 players, 12 years old and up. One player gets 4 tigers and the other player gets 25 hunters and the game board has 29 square (5x5 + 1 square at the middle of every edge of the quadratic board. The strategic task of the HUNTER-player is to lock the tigers into the cages, and/or, to immobilise them on any game field. The task of the TIGER-player is to defend himself, by clever maneuvers, from the hunters. He does this by beating the hunters and removing them from the board. This can be done by, jumping over one or more hunters with either one or more tigers at the same time, and/or by drawing the tigers between two hunters. The four outside square fields are reserved exclusively for the use by the tigers as additional moving fields.