Information about the classic Asian board game known as "Go" in English and Japanese, "Wei Qi" or "Wei Ch'i" in Chinese, and "Baduk" in Korean.
Tournaments, conferences and other go-related events.
Records of games played by professionals and on the internet go servers.
Playing go on the internet, either through email, specialized servers or the web.
Organizations dedicated to go, from local clubs to national associations.
The personal pages of individuals interested in go.
Go problems consist of a predetermined board layout, which side to play first, and a goal to be attained. This usually involves life-and-death situations with goals either to survive an attack or extinguish the opponent.
Books, articles and news about go. Usually available online.
Go has a variety slightly different rule sets. This category collects websites discussing and comparing the various rule sets.
Other games inspired by and similar to go.