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A kind of mix between chess and go, Amazons was invented in 1988 by Walter Zamkauskas. It is played on a 10x10 board with 4 white amazons and 4 black amazons starting along the boundary of the board. Amazons move like chess queens, moving only over unoccupied squares, and after a move shoot an arrow to a square accessible by a queen move. That square is now occupied, and cannot be moved over or shot over. The last player to move wins.
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Chess is a challenging board game for two players with 16 pieces that move across a board with eight rows and eight columns, with fixed rules. The object is to checkmate the opponent's king.
Andy Looney's and John Cooper's game Icehouse ("the 100,000-year-old game from Mars") is a boardless, turnless, abstract strategy game. An Icehouse set has 60 pyramid-shaped game pieces, five each of three sizes in four colors, and additional colors are available. Rules for well over 50 different games played with Icehouse pieces are available on the Web.
The game is played on a fifteen-by-fifteen square grid, on which the central nine-by-nine square is marked. This central region is called the 'Court'; the outer three-wide strip is called the 'Course'. The centre square is not used in the game. Queens' Courtiers is for two players, each of whom has one King, one Queen, and six Courtiers, the two teams each being different colours. The object of the game is to bring one's own King and Queen together: to move one's King onto the same square as one's Queen, or vice versa. This is the only time that two pieces are permitted on the same square.
Shogi is the Japanese version of the game of Chess, with enough interesting changes to make it a different game in its own right.
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