A game with little or no theme. Classic examples would be chess, go, and backgammon.
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The goal of these games is to arrange pieces in a straight line.
Battle games all use a number of different types of pieces, each with different styles of movement. Typically the goal is to capture a key piece belonging to your opponent. Many of the battle games played today are descended from Chaturanga, a very ancient game from India.
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The goal of a capturing game is to deplete the number of stones controlled by your opponent, typically by jumping.
In general, the goal in a connection game is to connect two sides of the board with playing pieces while preventing your opponent from connecting the opposite sides.
A Mancala game is a game played with seeds, stones or sea-shells on a wooden board with a number of holes. The distinctive features of these games are that they are: - completely games of skill - ranging in complexity from fairly easy to very difficult - of many different types - are non-European and therefore of interest to anthropologists
Please state whether: - general site - if site has Java/Shareware games to play on computer - Name of game(s) covered with > name of game > country(ies) of origin > number of holes on board (rows and columns) > number of seeds used > whether seeds are captured and placed on one side, or whether re-entered onto board
The goal of a race game is to be the first to get your pieces in the winning arrangement or location, while preventing your opponent from doing the same. Typically, opposing pieces in race games do not directly act on each other except by simply blocking movement (no capturing, etc.).
The goal of a territory game is to control the most area on the board.
This category should include links with useful information pertaining to reversi or othello. They could be newsletters, articles, strategy information, game analyses, programs, or anything else having to do with reversi.

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Games where the players have different numbers of pieces, the pieces of one player have different abilities than the pieces of the other player, or the players have different goals to win the game.