This category covers rules, strategies, and information related to board games.
Please submit your site to the most specific genre category possible.

If your site is primarily oriented towards selling games, please submit to the appropriate category in Shopping/Toys_and_Games/Games/Board_Games.

A game with little or no theme. Classic examples would be chess, go, and backgammon.
Submit a site to a sub category of this category if it fits the definition of an abstract game (little or no theme).
Games with an animal theme (e.g. 'Honeybear') and/or evolution (ie 'Ursuppe') of some kind. There are several games that have these themes mixed together, like 'Evo' or 'American Megafauna'.
This genre covers board games where auctions or bidding is an important game mechanism.
Please note that this category is not for game auctions, but for games with an auction theme.

If your site is primarily oriented towards selling games, please submit to the appropriate category in Shopping/Toys_and_Games/Games/Board_Games.

Games with bluffing and/or betting elements in the game.
Games where you are building cities. Often they are quite abstract, but still 'city' is the theme. 'Manhattan' is a good example of this kind of games. Some city building games has a historical theme and should then be placed in this category, although may be linked from this category.
Many wargames can be quite complicated, with lots of rules, tables, and charts. This is a category for computer programs that automate much of that, programs that are not independent video games in themselves, but do help play board game wargames.
This category lists websites for board game developers and publishers.
Websites for designers of multiple game types (like roleplaying games, trading card games, and/or dice games) should submit to Games:Developers and Publishers. This category is for developers and publishers of board games.
Different kind of economical games. 'Monopoly' is probably the best-known example of this genre.
Please submit variants and rule options to the Variant sub-category.

Sites that exclusively offer Monopoly sets for sale should be submitted to the appropriate Shopping sub-category.

This category is aimed for games, which are designed to be educational and often targeted to schools or maybe young children. Other games should be in another thematic category, as most games has some kind of educational value, not least Trivia and Word games. Still they don't belong here.
This category lists games where the players find treasures or items. These games often also have an archaeological theme or a voyage theme.
Fantasy themed games. Often in a medieval environment, with different kind of legendary monsters, wizards, heroes, dwarves and elves.
Submissions for sites covering any edition of Talisman are allowed in this category. However, most of the sites pertain to the 2nd edition, and others will be noted as such in their description.
This genre covers board games with a historical theme. Includes pre-historical, ancient Greek and Roman, Colonial, Medieval (not fantasy), Pirates, and most Arabic themed games. It does NOT include war games, which should be in Games/Board_Games/War_and_Politics/. Games which are old/ancient do not currently have their own category, but fit mostly under Games/Board_Games/Abstract.
If your site is primarily oriented towards selling games, please submit to the appropriate category in Shopping/Toys_and_Games/Games/Board_Games.

If your link is to a site about War Games and/or Political Games, please submit it to Games/Board_Games/War_and_Politics/.
This category lists websites about board games which have fear as their major theme.
Only submit sites relating to the board game Doctor Faust.
This category features sites about games which focus on solving mysteries.
Gaming groups around the world. Often with pictures and reports from gaming sessions.
This category lists sites where board games can be downloaded. Any board, counters, and/or cards are printed out from the website. Often dice or simple counters are needed also. Websites which include instructions for how to make free board games also belong in this category.
This category is *NOT* for games which are played at a computer or through internet.
For games played on internet, submit to the appropriate category in: Games/Internet/Browser_Based/
For games played on computers, submit to the appropriate category in: Games/Video_Games/Computer_Platforms/
The goal of a race game is to be the first to get your pieces in the winning arrangement or location, while preventing your opponent from doing the same. Both games with a racing theme (for instance a car race or a horse race) and games where the victory condition is winning a race (but the theme is something else) are listed in this category.
Railway games. Also similar themed games, like tramway and metro games.
This category contains sites with information on multiple board games. Examples would include but be limited to comprehensive game directories with unique content, game reviews, and game strategies for multiple games.
Sites with information on specific games belong in that specific game''s category.

Sites with information on specific genres of board games should go in that genre''s category.

This category is only for sites which cover multiple board games.

This category is for boardgames that are set in the future or in space. Games with actual, historical spaceflight as their theme belong in the Historical boardgames category.
All kind of sports game, except racing, which has its own category.
Please only submit websites with unique content related to Car Wars. Submit to the appropriate sub-category if applicable.
Games which focus on warfare and/or politics are featured in this category. The wars and political situations may or may not be historical in nature; some war games are set in fictional universes, for example.
Please note if the war or politics theme to the game is subordinate to the genre, for example Fantasy or Science Fiction, the site should be submitted to that genre.

Please submit websites about specific games to that game''s sub-category, if there is one. Only websites about multiple war games or political games belong in the top level category.

Board games focused on trivia, facts, or words are presented in this category. Examples of these types of games would include "Trivial Pursuit" and "Scrabble".
Please only submit sites which are about scrabble here. Games played online should be submitted to Games/Video_Games/Recreation/Browser_Based/Board_Games/Scrabble. Computer-based games not played online should be submitted in Games/Video_Games/Word_Games/Scrabble.

Sites about video games or browser based games submitted here will be moved.