Please only submit details about bulletin boards that contain RISC OS orientated content.
Bulletin Boards are systems where you can use your computer and a modem to directly connect to another computer containing a lot of information (usually file downloads, news, electronic mail). These have generally been replaced by websites over time due to the telephone costs incurred.
Please only submit details about bulletin boards that contain RISC OS orientated content.
This category lists dealers of RISC OS software and hardware throughout the world. This list is not exhaustive as not every dealer has a website and not every dealer that has a website is listed here. Dealers are sorted by their geographical location - first country and then have their region listed by their company name.
Please only submit if you sell or distribute RISC OS computers in NZ.
Please only submit hardware specific to RISC OS machines - e.g. network cards, internal modems, etc.
Public Domain (PD) libraries are large collections of software maintained by organisations that are willing to send you the software for a nominal fee (usually the cost of a disc and postage). This software can be freely distributed as long as it is either 'freeware' (software that can be freely distributed but the author holds the copyright), 'public domain' (software that can be freely distributed and the author has surrendered copyright), 'shareware' (software that can be used for a short time, but a registration fee is applicable after a time), or 'demo/crippleware' (restricted cut-down versions of commercial software). It is worth checking the documentation of any 'PD' software as sometimes the author has misunderstood or has made a genuine mistake in the classification of the software.
Please only submit PD libraries which offer RISC OS software.
A showcase for the uses people are putting RISC OS to.
RISC OS computer shows around the world.
Software for the RISC OS operating system. If you are looking for software that runs on Windows, MacOS, Linux or other platforms, then please look elsewhere. However, if you have an emulator that either emulates a WIndows/MacOs/other platform under RISC OS, or a RISC OS emulator for another platform then it can be listed here.
Please only submit software for RISC OS here. No other software (apart from emulators for RISC OS or that emulate RISC OS) will be listed here.

Please ensure that you have find the most specific category/categories for your listings.

The format of the listings should be: _Your sites name_ - Product Name [commercial/freeware/shareware], Another Product [commercial/freeware/shareware].

Please feel free to submit your site to all sub-categories that are appropriate.

RISC OS User Groups support users of the RISC OS computer systems. Some groups also support Acorn Computer's pre-1990 BBC systems.