This Handhelds: Software category includes websites and companies that offer mobile software for multiple handheld operating systems or platforms. It does not include sites that are only providing software for a single platform or operating system, and it does not include handheld sites solely focused on hardware discussions or reviews.
Sites that offer mobile software for download and/or purchase for multiple handheld platforms, can be submitted for consideration here.
    Sites not listed in this category:
  • Handheld software sites that only offer software for one platform. They should be submitted to a single OS category.
  • Sites that are focused solely on handheld hardware or specific handheld models. They should be submitted to a hardware category under Handhelds (For example, a site solely about Handspring Visor PDAs should be submitted to the Handhelds/Visor category instead.)
Please do NOT submit sites with incomplete pages, affiliate sites with little unique content, mirror sites, non-English sites or sections of a larger site (deeplinks). Non-English sites should be sent to the correct category in World.