Sites about "handheld" computers, those small enough to be held in one hand, and used with the other, like calculators, but still flexible enough to run many different kinds of applications, like personal computers. Technically, handhelds come in two different kinds:
  • "Palmtop" computers, like the original Psion, or IBM PC110 include a small built in keyboard.
  • "PDAs", "Personal Digital Assistants", such as the original Apple Newton, or the Palm or Palm Pilot or most Windows CE machines, do not, and usually are used with a pen device writing or pointing on the screen. The name comes from the fact that most of these computers are used to organize personal information, short notes, addresses, etcetera.
However many people, even some supposedly knowledgeable industry sources, do not follow this distinction, and use the terms "Palmtop" or "PDA" interchangeably, to cover all handheld computers. In the ODP, to compromise, we use the correct name, "Handheld", for the category, but list both Palmtops and PDAs under it.
Sites related to the Cybiko handheld.
All the sites submitted to this category MUST be Cybiko-related. Thank you.
The IBM PalmTop PC110 is the smallest Windows 95 capable computer ever produced. It was made in Japan around 1995 and originally came with a Japanese version of PC-DOS and a program called Personaware. Quite a large community has grow in the United States and all over the world of people who use this little wonder every day when space is limited.
News, Reviews and Events on PDAs
The name of Apple's personal communicator, or PDA (Personal Digital Assistant). In its day, the Newton was truly revolutionary, and even in its demise, it continues to have a strong community behind it.
These are handheld systems which design is open source, and available for anyone to produce.
Palm and Palm OS devices are the most widely used pen-based kind of Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs). The original series of Palm Pilots (models 1000, 5000, Personal, and Professional) were made by USRobotics, which was bought by 3Com. Since then, the unit has spun off and is now Palm Computing, Inc. Palm has about a dozen different models on the market. Palm OS, the operating system running on Palms, has been licensed by other manufacturers, and some OEMs sell branded versions of Palms. Thus, Palms are compatible with Handspring's Visor, Kyocera's pdQ cellphone, the Symbol Technologies SPT series, and TRG Products. Other licensees include Sony and Nokia. The IBM WorkPad and the ePocrates are branded Palm models.
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The Rex 6000 is a credit card sized PDA with a black and white LCD touch screen. This category also covers the Rex 5000 and DataSlim2 (Japanese version of Rex 6000).
Services and content for handheld computers.
Please ensure the site description includes details of the model including the model number if possible.
Mobile phones with computing functionality - such as Symbian OS devices, Apple's iPhone etc.
This Handhelds: Software category includes websites and companies that offer mobile software for multiple handheld operating systems or platforms. It does not include sites that are only providing software for a single platform or operating system, and it does not include handheld sites solely focused on hardware discussions or reviews.
Sites that offer mobile software for download and/or purchase for multiple handheld platforms, can be submitted for consideration here.
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  • Sites that are focused solely on handheld hardware or specific handheld models. They should be submitted to a hardware category under Handhelds (For example, a site solely about Handspring Visor PDAs should be submitted to the Handhelds/Visor category instead.)
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Microsoft Windows CE (now officially known as Windows Embedded Compact and previously also known as Windows Embedded CE, often referred to as WinCE) is an operating system developed by Microsoft for embedded systems. It is not a smaller or simplified version of desktop Windows, but a distinct operating system. Microsoft licenses Windows CE to device makers, who can modify the user interface.
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