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Submit sites dealing with the FutureBASIC programming language for Macintosh.
FutureBASIC is a powerful, full featured Macintosh BASIC development environment with built in debugger and complete access to the Mac toolbox. You can compile your programs as either 68k, PPC, or Carbon for OS X.
Submit sites dealing with the METAL BASIC programming language for Macintosh.
METAL BASIC is a free modern extended BASIC metacompiler for PowerMac used in scientific research, development and K-12 education.
Submit sites dealing with the REALbasic programming language.
REALBasic is a powerful object-oriented variant of Basic. The IDE runs on Macintosh computers, but it can compile applications for both Mac and Windows. It is very similar to Visual Basic, and is able to import VB projects. RealSoftware recently released version 3.0 of their development environment.
John G. Kemeny and Thomas E. Kurtz invented BASIC in 1964 for use at Dartmouth College. They made it freely available to everyone who wanted to learn how to program computers. In 1983 they created True BASIC to incorporate and showcase all the exciting new developments they had added to their language, which had now become a world standard.
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