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Please submit sites here that promote or glorify the Macintosh computer platform and operating system.

Sites offering pro-Macintosh graphics and banners should be submitted to:


It all started with Guy Kawasaki's MacWay email list. The MacWay changed its name to the EvangeList and is the primary source for information about fighting for the Mac. Us Evangelists believe in the Macintosh and will support it in any way we can. The sites listed here will supply you with ammo, reasons why the Mac is better to fight the PC drones. Go and get 'em boys!
Please submit sites here that discuss ways to create audio on a Macintosh computer.

Sites that deal with audio software for the Macintosh should be submitted to:


Sites that deal with audio hardware for the Macintosh should be submitted to:


Users may find references here dealing with audio production and editing on the Macintosh.
This category is home to sites about Macintosh programming tools, languages, and environments, as well as programming reference and tutorial sites.
Please submit websites here that offer employment specifically to people with Macintosh knowledge and skills.

Businesses may submit here, but only if they consistently offer several Macintosh jobs on a regular basis.

Users will find sites here that offer employment to job hunters with Macintosh skills.
Please submit sites here that offer Macintosh computer or software conferences or workshops. If the event has recently past, you are also welcome to submit the site here if it contains relevant information and news from the conference.
Users may view sites that contain information about upcoming and recently past Macintosh conferences, workshops, and events.
This section is only for websites specifically dealing with switching to the Macintosh from another platform.
Help with computers running the Macintosh operating system. Deals with operating system, hardware, and application issues.
Most of the sites dealing with Macintosh hardware should be directed to an appropriate subcategory:

  • Desktops
  • Portables
  • Servers
  • Acceleration
  • Hacks
  • iPod
  • Networking
  • Peripherals
  • Sound and Music

    Please submit sites to this main category only if they address Macintosh hardware in a general sense.

    Sites selling Macintosh hardware should be directed to:


  • This category contains sites about specific Macintosh hardware.
    the "switch" campaign brought out lots of funny imitators on the internet. Here are some.
    There is currently no description created for this category.
    Please submit sites here that offer headline news about the Macintosh computer and software.

    Macintosh magazine websites should be submitted to:


    News about the Apple Macintosh platform.
    If your site happens to be general news but not specifically related to opinions, speculations, future trends, rumors, or if it is not specific to the Apple Macintosh, please submit to a more appropriate category.
    Sites focused on discussion of upcoming product releases, company news, and generally anything Apple related that is based on speculation, rumors, or gossip.
    Please submit websites of Macintosh User Groups (MUGs) in the appropriate subcategory.
    The best resource for any user of an Apple Macintosh computer, veteran or brand-new, is a local User Group. Supported by Apple Computer, user groups bring Macintosh users together to discuss Mac news, review and preview Mac software and hardware products, and provide a support network for solving problems and passing on tips and information. Many Macintosh User Groups ("MUGs"), though primarily focusing on their local membership, also have web pages, where they offer free services to the Macintosh world. If you have a Macintosh, find yourself a MUG to start learning how best to use your Mac.
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