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The Apple II was one of the first popular personal computer lines, and was manufactured by Apple Computer, Inc. from 1977 until 1993. Specific models in this family include the Apple ][, ][+, IIe, //c and IIgs. Apple II clones and related systems are also welcome in this category, such as the Laser 128, the Bell & Howell "black Apple II", the various clones named after fruit, and the Apple III (the II's short-lived big brother that sported a II compatibility mode).
This category covers Apple Lisa 1 and 2 as well as Macintosh XL. Please keep it that way.
The Apple Lisa was an advanced computer with a graphical operating system. However due to the high price and malfunctioning hardware sales were low. The Apple Lisa 2 was later fitted with the Macintosh operating system and sold as Macintosh XL but much of them ended up in a landfill.
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A category for the Macintosh platform.
For personal pages and 'fan pages' about Apple computer systems.
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