Shareware is a popular software marketing method, "try before you buy" software. It is called "shareware" because users are encouraged to "share" the initial version with others, to let them try it out also. The trial period is usually limited in time, such as 30-60 days, or a limited number of uses. Then after the trial period you are expected to purchase (register) the program, to receive the right to continue using it. If you don't use the product further, you don't have to pay for it. Upon purchasing the program, you may also receive an updated program, or a printed manual, or a password key to remove any "please register" "nag" screens. This manual or "registered" program is no longer shareware, and should not be "shared" further, only the initial version should be redistributed. Trialware, Crippleware, and Liteware (LT) are other names for shareware. Liteware is offered with certain capabilities disabled as an enticement to buy the complete version of the program. The prices for shareware vary from program to program. Usually when you download a shareware program the price and registration information will be in a .TXT or .DOC or READ.ME file. If you are using Windows the information will probably be found in the .HLP file. Shareware can be of good or poor quality, and the same copyright laws apply to all commercial software including shareware, with the copyright holder retaining all rights not specifically given away.
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