A Search Engine is a Web site connected to a database that catalogs other Web sites. It will search the actual text of other Web sites for you. A computer search program, or spider, follows links on Web pages to regularly and automatically rebuild this database. (This is as opposed to a Directory, which is a static database of links, usually built up by human editors.)

This category contains sites dedicated, exclusively, to searching for software.

This category lists sites that are, dedicated exclusively, to searching for Software by using a Search Engine.

Following these guidelines will allow us to add your site to the directory as quickly as possible.

  • Submit only Software Search Engines to this area.
  • Please don''t submit directories here, they belong in Computers/Software/Directories/.
  • The Open Directory editors reserve the right to delete sites under construction, duplicate domains or submissions and sites submitted to incorrect categories.

Before submitting your site, please review the Guidelines for Submitting a Site.