This category holds websites related to V2_OS: development, source code, demos, applications, libraries, projects, documents, tutorials, news, fora, links, more. V2_OS is written in highly modular, pure x86 Assembly language, almost fully 32-bit; its main goal is speed. Originally from the V2_Lab: International Lab for the Unstable Media, Rotterdam, Netherlands. Some momentum and personnel from the project shifted to an object-oriented, pure Assembly, self-modifying "Operating Engine": Unununium.
DexOS is an acronym, Dex is short for DOS Extreme. It is a free operating system (OS) for 32-bit x86 computers; a port to the ARM processor (to run on the GP2X) is underway. It is written in pure assembly language using FASM: the flat assembler. It is a V2_OS fork. DexOS is designed as a modern DOS. It runs in protected mode, is single-tasking (one process), has a command line interface and a graphical user interface, can load modules such as sound drivers, and has some built in commands, such as TIME, DATE, MORE (text viewer), HELP, and RUN. To run programs, it is optional to use RUN and the .dex extension. It has some network abilities, such as running a HTTP server. Development is led by Craig Bamford and members of the DexOS community.