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Please submit only sites related to DR-DOS.
Digital Research DOS, known as DR-DOS, DOS compatible operating system that has been owned by many companies and known by several names over its history. It was originally developed by the makers of CP/M, one of the oldest operating systems for the x86 architecture. DR-DOS was later purchased by Novell and known as Novell DOS. Caldera Systems then bought Novell DOS and renamed it OpenDOS. Caldera then renamed the product back to DR-DOS. Caldera then spun off the company known as Lineo and transferred ownership of DR-DOS to Lineo.
Tips, tricks, hints, and advice for DOS and DOS-like operating systems.
Please submit only links related to the FreeDOS project.
This category is on information related to FreeDOS, a project which goal is to create a complete, free, 100% MS- and PC-DOS compatible operating system (OS).
Please submit only links related to accessing and using the Internet via/with DOS.
The category contains links to websites with information on accessing and using the Internet via/with DOS.
This category is for operating systems (OSs) with two main traits, they: 1) Have a DOS architecture. 2) Are open source. Other OSs go elsewhere.
The category contains software designed for the DOS operating system.
All earlier versions of Microsoft Windows were DOS-based: Windows 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 3.1, 3.11, 95, 98, Me. They were all built on a foundation of DOS. They all have DOS at their core, no matter what they are called, or how well hidden or hard to access (Win Me) the DOS is.
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