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Please submit only sites offering information or samples specific to Windows NT/2000 programming. Other programming sites should be submitted to the appropriate category in Top: Computers: Programming; sites discussing the use or administration of Windows NT/2000 should be submitted to the Top: Computers: Software: Operating Systems: Windows: Windows 2000 or Top: Computers: Software: Operating Systems: Windows: Windows NT categories.
Windows NT/2000 offers the programmer some features that are uncommon in other operating systems and often offer significant benefits. This category is for programmers wanting to learn about or use these features.
Only particular webpages detailing windows 2000 security issues should be listed here.
There is currently no description created for this category.
Please submit sites that offer Windows 2000 specific software. If the software runs on other Windows platforms please submit to the appropriate categories.
This category is home for sites that sell software that is specific to the Windows 2000 operating system. Most software for Windows 98, while it will run on Windows 2000, should not be listed here but instead should be listed in Computers/Software/Operating_Systems/Windows/Windows_98.
Please submit websites that are related to, or have at least 50% of it''s content relating to Supporting Windows 2000 Pro, Server, Adv Server or DataCenter Server.
Web Sites supporting Windows 2000 Professional, Server, Advanced Server and DataCenter Server. A lot of sites also have great information on Windows 2000 as well as tips and software information
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