This is the Category for Linux Projects. This category is divided into sub-categories that describe types of computer projects. Please only add sites to this category that provide or support projects that can be related directly to the Linux operating system. If your site is for a device driver or hardware support please see:
Linux software tools to use the console interface.
Only submit pages related to running databases under Linux.
This is the place for text editors that can be used under Linux.
This is the place for text editors that can be used under Linux.
Linux is an operating system developed by Linus Torvalds in the early 1990s. A central theme of this OS is that much of the software is available in source code form. This leads to a very "project" oriented approach to the design of some games for the platform as opposed to the commercial approach. Many games on Linux offer the ability for the user to design, test, or play with the source code of the actual software. This directory is a listing of those games. In almost all cases you can "just play" them as well.
Please limit submissions to only those games which have a community factor involved in their development.

For example, a game site devoted to creating a modification for a commercial game would be appropriate but a closed source commercial game would not.

Only submit information about aviation and aeronautic software for Linux.
The place for projects under the kernel or inside the kernel.
Only submit software here that runs as part of the Linux kernel.
One of the most powerful aspect of modern operating systems like Linux is the ability of programs to call standard libraries. This promotes reuse of pre-written code and leads to less errors and redundancy. This Library Category has links to software with different licenses. You must check the license terms individually before using software.
Only submit software libraries for Linux here.
Sites with software for playing media on Linux.
Only submit sites with information about software for playing media on Linux.
Only submit sites that have information about software that handles software presentation of visual information on the Linux operating system platform.
Linux projects and software for Speech Recognition
Linux projects and software for Speech Recognition
Standards refer to the definitions and rules by which operating system perform different functions, like interfaces, libraries, filesystems, etc.
Only submit sites that related to standards to which the Linux operating system compiles.
Please only submit sites containing package management software. Installation software should go in Computers: Software: Operating Systems: Linux: Projects: Installers.