Everything that relates to running Linux on alternative desktop computers / PDA's belongs in here. Most important member is Linux on PowerPC.
Make sure that what you submit belongs in this alternative platform directory and not in the main Linux directory. The site should be specific for a certain architecture. Also, see if there is a better category under /Linux/Hardware Support/.


Anything related to booting and running Linux on a computer based on some 680x0 series processor, such as the early Macintoshes, Atari, Amiga, NeXT, the sun3's and the Q40
Please only submit sites that deal directly with the Motorola 680x0 series processor.
This category lists companies that specialize in providing complete Compaq Alpha based Linux systems.


ARM platforms include all ARM compatible chips by Advanced RISC Machines (ARM); Digital Equipment Corp. / Intel StrongARM; Cirrus Logic StrongARM.
Software, forums, and sites related to free OS for the PowerPC. There are currently two main variations of Linux for PowerPC Macs, LinuxPPC and MkLinux. There are also varieties for 68K Macs.
Try to submit sites that address an issue of getting something to work properly.