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Only sites in English.
Sites for Android applications and widgets, including directories and review sites.
Since the number of Android apps is almost endless, editors are likely to be very reluctant to list sites that do not offer significantly more information about the app than what can be found in the descriptions provided by the markets.
Only sites in English.
Sites providing information, help, tutorials or commercial services to developers.
Only sites in English.
Includes material on how to use, customize, upgrade, root etc. Android devices for both beginners and more advanced users.
Only sites in English.
No deeplinks to App Markets.
This category is for sites that offer COLLECTIONS of themes, live wallpapers, static wallpapers, icons, notification tones, ringtones etc. for Android devices.
Sites that do not contain the files to download, only links to markets, are only listed, if they offer extraordinary quality or special features.
Only sites in English.
Application distribution platforms where users can download applications (software) to their Android devices. Apps are available either for free or at a cost. Markets can also offer music, magazines, books or films.
Only sites in English.
Only sites with a significant amount of material have a chance of being listed.
Sites providing news and commentary about the Android operating system and devices.
If the site is not dedicated exclusively to Android, but deals with several platforms, its proper place is Computers/Systems/Handhelds/News_and_Media/.
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