This category is for web server software whose function is to deliver web pages on the request to clients using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP).
The Apache HTTP Server, usually referred to as Apache, is a web server software. Its primary platform is Linux, though it has been ported to a number of other operating systems. Apache is developed and maintained by a community of developers under the auspices of the Apache Software Foundation. Released under the Apache License, Apache is open-source software.
Internet Information Services (IIS) - formerly called Internet Information Server - is an app server application from Microsoft. It is an integral part of the Windows Server family of products.
Nginx (pronounced “Engine-X”) is a web server. It is licensed under a BSD-like license and it runs on various platforms.
WebSitePro is an HTTP web server for Microsoft Windows. Originally created by O'Reilly & Associates, the product is now owned by Deerfield.
As the first web server for the Windows operating system, WebSite established itself as O'Reilly WebSite Professional. Today, Bob Denny's server software is published by