These are software packages which provide services of one form or another over the Internet.
This category is for software only. Please submit other DNS-related sites to a more appropriate category, which might include Computers: Internet: Protocols: DNS and Computers: Internet: Domain Names.
Address Management is the process of maintaining and editing Domain Name Service (DNS) configurations. DNS ties text-based domain names to the numeric IP Addresses that are necessary to locate the domain's server on the net. Address Management solutions become necessary when:
  • An administrator needs to maintain many domain names.
  • An administrator needs to assign and track separate names for many machines within one domain.
  • A domain name changes IP address frequently, requiring Dynamic DNS (DDNS). This is most commonly used by individuals who connect their server to the internet using a modem.
This category is for software only. Please submit other DNS-related sites to a more appropriate category, which might include Computers: Internet: Protocols: DNS and Computers: Internet: Domain Names.
Downloadable software which delivers advertising content over the Internet. This includes banner servers and various schemes for manipulating and rotating Web advertising.
Please submit sites dealing with advertising software that can be downloaded. Software that is hosted as a service should be submitted to Top: Computers: Software: Internet: Servers: Advertising: Remotely Hosted
An application server is a piece of software designed to help make it easier for developers to isolate the business logic in their systems architecture (usually through components) and develop three-tier or n-tier applications. Typically application servers also offer additional features such as transaction management, clustering and fail-over, and load balancing.


Servers that specialize in sending detailed information about audio compact discs.
Chat servers exist in a wide variety of formats and protocols. However, they all provide a facility for users to communicate with each other in real time, as opposed to holding conversations via less immediate means such as e-mail or Web message boards.
Any site for software which provides chat services over the Internet may be listed here.

Please note the difference between this category and Computers: Software: Internet: Clients: Chat, which lists client software for connecting to chat services.

If you are submitting a site about a particular chat service (eg. "Armand''s Cooking Chat") rather than the software which provides the service (eg. "GenericJavaServer v5.17b"), please go to Computers: Internet: Chat and choose the appropriate subcategory.

DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol.
This category is for software for dictionary servers only.
Dictionaries will not be listed in this category. See Reference: Dictionaries instead.
This category is for general information about LDAP.
Sites relating to specific products should be submitted as follows:

Server Products -
Computers: Software: Internet: Servers: Directory: LDAP: Products

Related Client Applications -
Computers: Software: Internet: Servers: Directory: LDAP: Products: Related Client Apps

Related Middleware Applications -
Computers: Software: Internet: Servers: Directory: LDAP: Products: Related Middleware

This area is for sites with content relating to the open source project FreeVSD, the protocol, and any third party tools, applications, resources and services related to FreeVSD.
Please only submit sites that have content relating to FreeVSD or offering FreeVSD services.


The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a software standard for transferring computer files between machines with widely different operating systems. It belongs to the application layer of the Internet protocol suite. FTP is an 8-bit client-server protocol, capable of handling any type of file without further processing, such as MIME or Uuencode. However, FTP has extremely high latency; that is, the time between beginning the request and starting to receive the required data can be quite long, and a sometimes-lengthy login procedure is required.
This category is for Gopher server software only. If you want to suggest a Gopher server i.e. a gopher site instead, please head over to Computers/Internet/Protocols/Gopher.
Sites related to Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) server software.
This category is specifically for server-level spam filters. Spam filters that operate on individual mailboxes (that is, mail filters that operate at the client level) belong generally in Computers/Software/Internet/Clients.

A spam filter that is a plug-in to a specific mail-reading program (or is a description of how to write filtering rules for that program) belongs in the category for that mail reading program. (For example, spam filters for Eudora belong in Computers/Software/Internet/Clients/Mail/Eudora.)

A spam filter that is a standalone application meant to be run by a client should go to Computers/Software/Internet/Clients/Mail/Windows/Tools/Anti-Spam (if it is a Windows program), or Computers/Software/Internet/Clients/Mail/ if it runs on any other operating system.

Spam filters that work with only one type of mail server should go in the category for that particular server; for example, Sendmail filter rules belong in Computers/Software/Internet/Servers/Mail/Sendmail. There are similar categories for a variety of mail servers in Computers/Software/Internet/Servers/Mail. If there is no category for the mail server your spam filters are written for, you can submit them here. Procmail filters go in Computers/Software/Internet/Clients/Mail/Unix/Procmail whether or not you think procmail is a client.

In addition, more general spam sites belong in Computers/Internet/Abuse/Spam. Hosted spam services belong in Computers/Internet/Abuse/Spam/Filtering

This category attempts to list the wide and ever-increasing variety of web-based discussion forum server software.
Personalization software for the Internet is any software which changes the content of a site for specific groups of users, or specific users - based on something about that group or user.
Please only submit sites that deal specifically with Personalization, CRM or content management for the Internet
RTSP stands for Real Time Streaming Protocol.
Server applications that store information and allow people to search it using web forms.

Sites that offer the following types of software should be submitted here:

  1. Software that creates sites that support online auctions.
  2. Software that supports offline or oral outcry auctions.
  3. Software that helps manage auctions on one of the major auction sites (eBay, Yahoo, or Amazon).
  4. Software that submits products to one of the major auction sites or makes these sites easier to use.

You should not submit an actual auction site to this category as this category is for software only. Auctions site should be submitted to Shopping: Auctions

Submit to one of following subcategories when appropriate

  1. Assistance
  2. Assistance: Image Hosting
  3. Assistance: Web Based
  4. Assistance: Windows
  5. Payments
  6. Site Management

Sites that are eBay [or any other auction] resellers, or take items on consigment for eBay are not listable and will be deleted.

Sites that are portals to eBay, or provide a directory of searches or categories leading into eBay will be deleted.

Sites providing information and not software should be submitted to Home: Consumer Information: Auctions . Submission to this category will delay a review of the site.


SIP protocol software for running application servers.
SIP server software only please, generic sites should be placed in the main category.


This category is for Secure Shell server software. (Client software is in the SSH/Clients category.)
This category contains sites providing software for time servers. As there is no hardware category, many hardware based time servers are also listed here also. Most of these use the Network Time Protocol. Information on that protocol can be found in Computers/Internet/Protocols/NTP. Client software for synchronizing a computer's clock can be found in Computers/Software/Internet/Clients/Time. Web sites which provide the current time as well as sites with general information on time can be found in Reference/Time.
Please don''t set up sites which are merely a pointer to a site which is already listed. We check all sites before accepting. This includes pointer sites in other languages.
Please remember: Good candidates for this category are sites on Usenet server software. For Usenet access providers the right category is Computers/Usenet/Feed Services.


This category is for web server software whose function is to deliver web pages on the request to clients using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP).