IRC means Internet Relay Chat. This category is for clients which allow people to connect to IRC. Clients for all types of OS's are included.
Please only submit sites which are solely related to downloadable IRC client software. Please do not submit sites which have "online Java clients" they belong in the Chat/Java cat.

ONLY quality sites will be accepted, review your site design - huge font? Annoying flashy design? Might want to think about redesigning before submission.

Please only submit sites relating to bot services. This does not include IRC services.
IRC bouncer software category. An IRC proxy or bouncer is a program that connects to any number of IRC servers. You can then use an IRC client to connect to the proxy and use those servers. When you disconnect your client, the proxy stays connected to the IRC server.
This category has been added due to a lack of a category specific to IRC bouncers.
Help sites for Internet Relay Chat (IRC).
Please submit only sites dealing with mIRC.
Please submit sites that have a working version in ENGLISH language. Non English submissions will NOT function, take notice.

The category is only for scripts for mIRC. For more scripts for a wider range of client software you should submit to instead.

Always apply only to the SINGLE most applicable category for the website you submit. Do not apply to every category that a website can apply to - only the MOST relevant.

We list web sites rather than other files or specific pages as a rule. For the best chance of approval the site submitted should provide a detailed list of features of the scripts and files available.

Thank you.

A directory of pages related to pIRCh, a freeware IRC chat client.
If you have pIRCH scripts to submit, please submit them to the appropriate Scripts category. Do not post them here. This category is for sites, including fan sites, for the pIRCH IRC client.
Here you will find scripts for most of the major IRC clients out there. Scripts give added functions to the clients that aren't included with the client when it is released. Sites (and scripts) for this section should be in English, scripts in other languages should be submitted to the relevant category under World/
Visual IRC is a freeware IRC client. Sites here are related to vIRC.
Please only submit sites which are related to the Visual IRC client. If you have a script to submit, then please submit it to the Scripts section of this category, NOT the vIRC section. Thank you!