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Please denote the purpose of the add-on, and subsequently the protocol(s) or software application(s) that it offers to make an enhancement to.
There is currently no description created for this category.
Please only submit sites which are solely related to downloadable IRC client software. Please do not submit sites which have "online Java clients" they belong in the Chat/Java cat.

ONLY quality sites will be accepted, review your site design - huge font? Annoying flashy design? Might want to think about redesigning before submission.

IRC means Internet Relay Chat. This category is for clients which allow people to connect to IRC. Clients for all types of OS's are included.
Java chat software has become more and more popular these days, for many reasons: Customer Support, Education, Political discussions, Community chats, Entertainment chats, Personal family and friends chats, and Web tours Check out the links below and good luck!
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