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Software specifically for accessing the internet. This includes modem software, LANS, or cable access.
This category is for sites which concern Internet authoring software - the products, not the act of authoring itself which is covered elsewhere within the Open Directory Project.

Consider whether your site might be better placed in the Computers: Software: Shareware or Computers: Software: Freeware categories.

Utilities which manipulate graphics belong in subcategories of Computers: Graphics.

Notice to web designers and design firms:

Please DO NOT submit your sites unless they concern a particular piece of web authoring software. Web designers should submit sites which advertise their services to the appropriate subcategory of Computers: Internet: Web Design and Development.

Any tool which assists in the development of Internet projects may be thought of as Internet authoring software. More specifically, this category lists tools which are used directly in the creation of web sites, mobile or remote applications, and other Internet-specific projects. Often these programs will take some aspect of development and make it easier via automation, or by pre-packaging solutions for commonly encountered problems.
Please try to send in links in the right category it belongs (e.g., if you have a Mozilla article, go to the Mozilla/News section and click "add URL" to send it from there.).
These software packages are for interacting with various types of servers on the Internet.
Lists of software for a variety of internet uses.
Software that monitors Internet activity so that you can track what your employees or children are doing on the Internet.
Network management software allows you to control, monitor or change aspects of networked computer systems.
Non-Vendor Organizations that are predominantly focussed on issues surrounding Software for Internet
RFCs, Tutorials, White Papers, Glossaries.
This category is for software only. Please submit other DNS-related sites to a more appropriate category, which might include Computers: Internet: Protocols: DNS and Computers: Internet: Domain Names.
These are software packages which provide services of one form or another over the Internet.
For software that either provides multiple site management services or for software that does not fit into one of the other more specific categories.
Site management software is to ease the creation and management of your internet site. You'll find software to do more specific functions within.
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