Jasc Paint Shop Pro is a graphics application that can be used for creating simple images to complex, multi-layered graphics. Paint Shop Pro combines raster-based and vector-based graphics into one application. Software offers a wide range of painting, drawing, and image editing capabilities.
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Plugins are independent programs, which are loaded into Graphics programs, to amplify or add capabilities to the program. There are many Plugins available, not only as commercial products but shareware and freeware, which have a variety of functions.
Tubes is a short word for Picture Tubes they are images on a transparent background. They have the file extension of tub. They can be used to put details into graphics or created entire pictures in a very short time. They are like a rubber stamp and can be adjusted in size. Tubes for Paint Shop Pro 5 can be used with PSP6 if you export them from PSP5 into PSP6. Tubes for Paint Shop Pro 6 use a different formatting. If you try to view or open one in Paint Shop Pro 5 you will receive an era message "This is not a Valid PSP Image file".