Image Editing software are graphic programs that provide a variety of special features for altering bit-mapped images or the creation of graphic images. Image editors also enable you to create and superimpose layers. Bit-mapped graphics are often referred to as raster graphics. The other method for representing images is known as vector graphics or object-oriented graphics.
CorelDRAW® Graphics program delivers powerful integrated tools for illustration, page layout, photo editing and painting.
Frequently asked questions, tutorials and other useful help relating to computer image editing software.
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Corel Painter is a painting tool for artists and graphic designers. Painter offers a large assortment of mediums to work with, including oils, acrylics, colored pencils, felt pens, chalk, charcoals, crayons, and airbrushes to create realistic artwork for print or the Web.
Galleries should show artwork created in Painter. Galleries should have full-sized images for visitors to view and not just thumbnails of images for sale. The latter already has a category at Shopping/Visual_Arts/Drawing_and_Graphic_Arts
Jasc Paint Shop Pro is a graphics application that can be used for creating simple images to complex, multi-layered graphics. Paint Shop Pro combines raster-based and vector-based graphics into one application. Software offers a wide range of painting, drawing, and image editing capabilities.
Adobe PhotoShop is an image editing software with powerful features. Program provides amalgamated tools for creating and production of crisp, editable vector shapes and text.
Image editing software for print, e-mail, and the Web.
Unlead PhotoImpact 6 delivers all the tools needed to create attention-grabbing Web graphics and complete HTML pages.
Synthetik Software's Studio Artist simulates drawing and painting techniques. It warps, stretches, and morphs images, and performs other image-processing functions in a resolution-independent environment. Everything it does is nondestructive to the original source image, and most functions can be keyframed. Currently, runs under Mac only.
GIMP is an excellent image manipulation program for UNIX and X, with many of the same advanced features as Photoshop. C source code is available. GIMP is an acronym for GNU Image Manipulation Program.
Gimp Plugins is for developers. If you have developed a GIMP plugin add your plugin here.