Software used for instruction in a variety of subject areas. Also, software used by educators and educational institutions for handling administrative tasks. Please submit to the appropriate sub category. NOTE: Computer and software training should be submitted to an appropriate subcategory of Computers/Education
Please note that this category specifically excludes online services and the suchlike - these should be sent to a relevant category in Reference/Education

Computer and software training does not belong in this cat - please send to Computers/Educational/...

Software used for administrating a school or school district.
Only software that primarily operates on or with the campus network or installed operating systems should be submitted here. Software and systems related to the grading, admission, meal service or other aspects of campus management should be submitted to more appropriate categories.
Lists software for producing or presenting adult educational materials. Net based training materials are listed under their subject categories.
Guides and reviews of educational software.
In this category you will find sites offering software that helps you to study languages. This can be freeware, shareware or commercial software.
Please do not suggest sites to this category if the contents of your site are not in English. They should be sent to the relevant category under /World. If the software deals with a single language, and that language has its own sub-category of this category then please suggest your site there instead of here. If your site offers online learning please suggest it to Online_Lessons
Computer software retailers who specialize in educational titles.
This topic deals with products that are software used for teaching science.
If your product is more than a piece of software, please consider sending it to Science/Educational Resources/[relevant topic]. Also, if it is not designed for use in Education, please also send it to Science/[relevant topic] If it bears only upon one of the sciences: For ELECTRONICS: submit to Science/Technology/Education/Products and Services For PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY and ASTRONOMY, you will find @links from the main page of /Science For multidisciplinary and those who sell software in more than one science, you can submit it here.
Please submit only sites that address their own computer educational software (stand alone or web-based) that support and/or addresses special education needs. The category is not for sites offering software manufactured by others. Also this category is not for non-software products. This category address only software that communicates in English.
This is for SOFTWARE to help write lesson plans. Software is something installed on one''s own computer and runs from there.

More general sites about lesson planning or offering lesson plans for download or review are at Reference/Education/Educators/K_through_12/Lesson_Plans.

"Web-based" programs are NOT software and won''t go in this category. Reference/Education/Products_and_Services/Technology/Online_Services is where they should be sent.

Typing tutors, speed tests and reviews of such software.
Software described here must be installable on the user''s system. For tests or tutors offered online, please submit to Reference: Education: Distance Learning: Online Courses: Typing.

ODP editors usually amend submitted descriptions. When writing a description for the site you are submitting, please indicate the operating system(s) supported using codes: [Mac] for Macintosh, [Win] for Windows, [DOS] for DOS, or [Unix] for any Unix derivative including Linux, BeOS etc. Please indicate multiple OS''s in a single set of brackets, for example, [DOS - Win].