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Submission tips: Title: Consultant Last Name, First Name or Official Name of Business Description: This describes the site and its services and should note distinguishing features found on the site without marketing hype or jargon. For more information, visit How to add a site to the Open Directory.
Avoid delays! Please follow these submission guidelines carefully. Submit only sites of freelance SAP consultants doing work only or principally for SAP projects. The site language should be in English or have a very clear path to the English version of the site. Sites about groups of freelance SAP consultants or intermediaries can also be listed in this category. If the consultant covers a specific region or country submit it to the appropriate location in Computers: Software: ERP: SAP: Consultants: Freelance Failure to submit to the most specific appropriate subcategory can delay the consideration of your submission. Misplaced sites must be moved prior to review; correct placement helps avoids delays.
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