Documentation for Oracle installation, administration, programming commands, SQL etc
Help and FAQ information relating to the administration of Oracle databases.
Employment and recruitment sites with a focus on Oracle skills.
Frequently Asked Questions, Tips and HowTo's
oracle database programmers write applications which store and retrieve data in an Oracle database. This often involves the use of Oracle toolsets but equally can be done with other third party programming tools.
Please submit sites aimed primarily at an Oracle database programmer audience.
Oracle security and penetration testing.
Please submit only sites related to the auditing, scanning or penetration testing of an Oracle database.

DBA tools for managing security are listed in Computers: Software: Databases: Oracle: Tools

This category focuses on the products and services available to facilitate the ongoing support and maintenance of the Oracle database. These may include services both from Oracle Corporation as well as services from a variety of third party vendors.
Software tools used to simplify the task of developing or maintaining Oracle systems.
Please submit only tools (free or commercial) related to Oracle database systems. This may include developing, maintaining, auditing, scanning or penetration testing of an Oracle database.
Specialist training in Oracle skills such as PL/SQL, although some of these providers may also offer more general training such as generic SQL.
Blogs covering the technical aspects of Oracle database design, programming, installation and operation of Oracle databases.
Please submit only technically oriented blogs, not personal blogs that happen to be run by someone who works for or with Oracle.