According to The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI):
A "Data Warehouse" is a data structure that is optimized for distribution. It collects and stores integrated sets of historical data from multiple operational systems and feeds them to one or more data marts. It may also provide end-user access to support enterprise views of data.
If there is demand, we may grow sub-categories that mirror the strategy used in the Atlas of Data Warehousing (also from TDWI) for related categories:
Data Warehousing Applications is a bit sparse right now. It currently holds:
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Customer Relationship Management (@link)
And will probably hold (eventually):
  • Financial Reporting
  • Industry Specific
Please submit only sites or information related to designing, building and using a clickstream data warehouse. If the submission is focused only on log file analysis then submit to Top: Computers: Software: Internet: Site Management: Log Analysis
This category references to quality resources on the topic of data warehousing, described by Wikipedia as "a database used for reporting and data analysis. It is a central repository of data which is created by integrating data from one or more disparate sources. Data warehouses store current as well as historical data and are used for creating trending reports for senior management reporting such as annual and quarterly comparisons.
This category is for vendor-neutral articles and article collections on the subject of data warehousing. A subcategory exists as below for vendor-specific articles.
Data Warehouse Automation is an emerging class of data warehousing tools that use technology to gain efficiencies and improve effectiveness in data warehousing processes.
Please submit only sites that are primarily related to Data Warehouse Automation solutions.
Data warehousing specific portals, search engines, and on-line communities.
Data warehousing white papers and research reports.