From FAQ: [Configuration management is] tracking and control of software development and its activities. That is, the management of software development projects with respect to issues such as multiple developers working on the same code at the same time, targetting multiple platforms, supporting multiple versions, and controlling the status of code (for example beta test versus real release).
Tools and resources for managing and tracking computer program problem reports, or "bugs". These are generally used by programmers maintaining a large software project with many users, and a continuous release and revision cycle, complex enough so that problem reports can't be dealt with immediately, but need to be sorted, filed, categorized, prioritized, and assigned. These tools don't actually do the work of fixing the software, just keep track of the reports accounting.
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Specific configuration management systems and utilities. Subcategories for classes of configuration management tools, such as Make tools, Diff tools, and Bug Tracking tools are listed above subcategories for specific systems and brands, such as SourceSafe and CVS.
Sites that relate to the Arch revision control system.