Business-to-Business (B2B) Describes online transactions between one business, institution, or government agency and another. Differentiated from B2C (business-to-consumer) plays such as, eBay, and Yahoo.
You should select this category if your primary business focus is to provide a standard piece of software that would be integrated within a B2B site.
Listing of companies that host software applications that support B2B e-commerce.
Application service providers only.
Buy Side Applications -- E-commerce applications that address a company's procurement cycle. These applications provide solutions for the purchase of both core and non-core items.
This category lists companies that design, develop, and/or deploy business-to-business solutions. This would include implementation partners for the likes of Commerce One, as well as independent firms that are custom building B2B solutions. This category used to include some of the technology providers that enable the B2B product. They should now be listed under plug-ins
End-to-End Applications -- E-Commerce applications that address the optimal delivery and management of goods and services as a seamless flow of inventory, information and money - from order inception to final delivery and payment.
B2B exchanges are online marketplaces designed for the transacting of highly commoditized goods or services. Exchange pricing is determined by a large number of participating buyers and sellers. Since an exchange does not favor any party, it is an example of a Neutral Hub.
This category lists companies that provide plug-ins, components, or building blocks that would be used to round out a B2B site. These sites used to be listed under development, but there is a clear distinction between the company that provides the services requried to launch an exchange and one that provides some of the appliance products that would be integreated into the site.