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Build management systems improve productivity for software builds by providing more functionality than build manager tools. Some of the main characteristics of larger build management systems are that they provide broader and deeper support for abstraction, scope, and automation than do the smaller, interactive build manager tools.
Build manager tools improve productivity for software builds by providing more functionality than make programs provide. Build manager tools usually include a GUI or web interface, a more convenient build process scripting language, and means for executing all or part of scripted build processes, and for logging and reporting build results. Some of the main characteristics of build manager tools are a GUI interface, increased interaction with builds, a build scripting language or interface, and built-in capabilities for build execution, logging, and reporting.
Makefile generators reduce the human costs of software builds by automating some of the tedious and error-prone work of creating makefiles. The makefile generation problem is very difficult to solve, so most makefile generators are simple. They depend upon human labor for the difficult parts of makefile construction. Simple generators produce dependency files by scanning source files for include file statements. Intermediate generators produce whole makefiles by expanding manually-constructed input files. Advanced generators produce whole makefiles from scratch, with no manually-constructed input files or human labor required.
Make programs help to manage the complexity of building software programs from many source file and library components. Make programs read Makefiles, which are description files that specify the parts and processes that should be used to build a software product. Make programs have been the dominant programs for doing software builds for more than 25 years. The first make program was created in the mid-1970s. In the 1980s, make was extended with more advanced features. In the 1990s, several new make replacement programs were created to offer new description languages for makefiles.
This category is for research papers, tutorials, and other documentation related to software builds. Products for performing software builds should be submitted to one of the other software build categories.
This category lists research papers and websites that provide useful information related to make programs and the overall software build problem.
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