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Only companies providing products or professional services in the area of Computer Security Policies should submit for this category.
This subcategory of Computers: Security: Policy is intended for companies that provide products or professional services related to computer security policies.
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a US law which affects most organizations receiving federal funding or storing medical records. In 2003, stricter patient privacy rules went into effect, with stiff penalties for any breach of confidentiality. As the penalties for even a single breach of confidentiality can be extremely damaging, strict security policies are needed by organizations subject to HIPAA. It should be noted that there are no "magic bullet" solutions to HIPAA compliance - any organization subject to HIPAA rules is well advised to become familiar with the actual regulations and review their operations regularly to insure compliance.
This category only accepts websites providing information security policies which are freely available to the public.
These are examples of computer security policies. Some are policies which have been created and implemented by specific organizations, others are simply samples to provide guidance to those writing their own policies. You may like to use these as templates or donor documents for your own, subject to any copyright restrictions on the originals.
Please only suggest sites here that specifically relate to information security standards.

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Not all suggestions are adopted. We are most interested in sites with high quality information about the standards, for example those that help organizations understand and implement the standards.

This category concerns standards for information security, principally published international and national standards.

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