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Please only suggest sites for tools that are designed to detect and remove spyware, viruses and other malware to this category.

Tools that do not remove spyware and viruses, and instead focus on only one category of malicious software should be selected to the more specific software categories for Spyware, Viruses or Trojans.

Tools that detect and remove viruses, trojans and spyware products.
This category contains sites/categories relating to historic malware threats. e.g. Old viruses/trojans etc that are not currently a threat, but were significant in their time.
Please only submit your website here if you cannot find an appropriate subcategory for your website. If you are submitting a software application to combat spyware, please submit it to the Products and Tools subcategory.

If you are submitting a web page for a service with technicians that remove spyware from computers, please submit it to the appropriate subcategory in the Regional/ top category for the area that your company services.

If your site is just an affiliate link farm with affiliate links to spyware product pages, please do not submit it to any category.

Please note - We do not knowingly list rogue anti-spyware products.
If your product:

  • Actually installs spyware or adware as well as removing some.
  • Rips off parts of other legitimate anti spyware products.
  • Uses deceptive marketing techniques such as generating spyware detection false positives to encourage purchase.

then it will NOT be listed.

Sites are constantly reviewed and re-reviewed, and sites offering rogue products are de-listed.

If you notice one of the sites listed is for a rogue anti-spyware product, please post in the abuse reporting forum at , citing your sources of evidence, and your allegation will be investigated.

Spyware and Adware are increasingly common and closely related forms of malicious software. Spyware refers to software that transmits personal information such as browsing habits without proper authorization. The functions of most advertising software (adware) can be classified as spyware, because they transmit information back to advertisers for marketing purposes. Adware refers to parasitic marketing software, which may be bundled with other seemingly desirable software, distributed by masquerading as a browser plugin, or more disturbingly, distributed via security holes in a user's browser. Beyond being an invasion of privacy and an annoyance to many users, spyware and adware programs are often poorly written, exposing victims to browser and operating system instability and insecurity, and often burrow deeply into critical operating system components making their removal a dangerous time consuming process.

This directory is managed and maintained by volunteers with limited time, and all submissions have to be manually reviewed by the overworked editors. In order to save time for us, and increase the chances that your site will be listed, please show us the consideration to do the following.

  • Make sure that there isn''t a more appropriate category for your site.
  • Only submit your site to the most appropriate categories. Duplicate listings will be promptly deleted if not made appropriately.
  • Make your title and description as accurate and clear as possible. This will enable us to quickly process your listing.
  • Don''t submit sites without content, just to get clicks on banner ads. These will just get rejected. See directory-wide guidelines for more information.
  • Do submit updates if the content of your site is changed enough to warrant a change in its listing.
  • Check to see if your site is already listed by searching the directory for its URL.
Computer Viruses are malicious programs designed to self-replicate and spread to other systems. Their function can range anywhere from displaying a message on a certain date, to permitting others to control your computer, to erasing files or formatting your hard drive. Trojan Horses are similar, except that a trojan horse is defined as any malicious program disguised as a harmless one. (Which means that all Computer Viruses are also trojan horses, but not all trojan horses are viruses) The best protection against either viruses or trojan horses is to be very careful not to run any untrusted files, and to run an up to date virus scanner regularly.
Information relating to the detection and removal of worms.
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