Security consultants generally give advice regarding security, crime prevention, and loss prevention. True security consultants are independent and non-product affiliated. This category includes information systems related consulting services in environmental design, security system design and specification, access control, physical security, protection of assets, theft prevention, crime prevention, loss prevention, executive protection, information security, special event security, emergency and disaster planning, and security training. Some consultants in this field perform security surveys and risk analysis and make recommendations on how to reduce the threat. Some consultants make crime foreseeability assessments and adequacy of security evaluations. Some security consultants testify as an expert witness in litigation. Before making a submission in this category, consider whether the site proposed is more involved in the design, development or sales of products than the provision of consulting services. If the former, the submission is likely to be rejected or redirected to another category that might not be your category of choice. If you are submitting a URL to this directory, please keep in mind that all submissions must be reviewed by volunteer editors of the Open Directory Project (ODP). Thus, multiple submissions of the same site to inappropriate categories will not improve your chances for being listed in this directory and may result in your site being blacklisted from ODP. This may also happen if you submit your site to a number of directories which use ODP data, but forward new submissions to ODP. Please take a moment to review the ODP Editorial Guidelines, and carefully choose the ODP categories to which you submit your site.
Please submit only Security consultancy businesses that offer a full range of services to this category, if you operate in a niche for which a subcategory exists - please submit your site to the relevant subcategory.

Organizations providing security incident response or computer forensics.
Please only submit to this category if incident response or computer forensics is your organization''s focus.
Security consulting firms and independent consultants that offer a more general selection of services.
Managed security service providers offer outsourced management of firewalls, intrusion detection equipment, content filtering , and other security technologies.
Please only submit sites for which managed security services is the primary service being offered.
Simulating attacks in order to determine network vulnerabilities.
Please only submit sites for which penetration testing is the primary service being offered.
Organizations providing computer security training.
Please only submit to this category if computer security training is your main focus.