Websites about specific robotics software packages or code are listed here. These are sites where you can obtain (e.g. download or purchase) the software. Comprehensive software packages or libraries that perform both control and simulation functions are listed in the main category. Subcategories are provided for software the is primarily for simulation or control.
Please submit your site in a sub-category if possible to speed the review process. Only sites from which user can actually obtain software should be listed. Websites for companies that sell or design software should be listed in /Computers/Robotics/Companies
It can be easier to control robots using software, rather than hardware. This allows for upgrades and modifications to be made to the robot's systems - which may offset the higher development costs.
Only control software sites should be added here. Simulation software goes in the Robotics/Software/Simulation category.
Robotic simulators are pieces of software which are used in the development of robotic systems. They cut down development costs by providing an easy way for developers to model how the robot should work, and whether it will work.
You should only add your site to this category if it contains some robotic simulation software. Control software can go in the /Robotics/Software/Control category.