Sites about specific robots or types of robots.
Sites that are primarily about a specific robot or type of robot should be submitted to this category. For example, sites about the Honda Asimo robot, or BEAM robots would be appropriate here. Sites about homebrew, one-of-kind robots should be submitted to Computers/Robotics/Personal_Pages rather than this category.
The BEAM robotic concept is the brain child of Mark W. Tilden, Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico USA. Since its inception, it has grown to become a significant branch of robotics, particularly (but not limited to) hobbyists. BEAM is an triple acronym, standing for: Biology Electronics Aesthetics Mechanics, Building Evolution Anarchy Modularity, and Biotechnology Ethnology Analogy Morphology These acronyms indicate the major themes of BEAM robotics.
A Directory for Cybot related websites.
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Information related to the latest Tomy robot, the i-SOBOT; the world's smallest mass produced humanoid robot.
Sites about micromouse-style robots
Sites about micromouse style robots should be submitted here.
Web sites related to the new Pleo dinosaur robot created by Furby inventor Caleb Chung.
Web sites related to hacks, modifications, and information related to Mark Tilden's Robosapien robot.
Sites related to the Wi-Fi capable Spykee robot, the remote spy robot that integrates with Skype's video call service.