Modeling language and techniques are used by computer methodologies to create a representation of reality. These models may be used to assist in the explanation of complex structures or processes, concentrating on key and essential features while ignoring irrelevant or confounding detail.
Modeling language can be part of a computer methodology, but a computer methodology includes other elements such as a description of a software development process (activities, artifacts, and actors). A modeling language can be based on a graphical notation or on a set of mathematical equations.
Unified Modeling Language, UML: joint effort of leading object technologists Grady Booch, Ivar Jacobson, Jim Rumbaugh (the Three Amigos), James Odell, and many more. Merges the best of the object notations used by the three most popular analysis and design methodologies, Booch Method, OOSE, and Object Modeling Technique, to produce one universal modeling language that can be used with any method. Viewed by some experts as one of the biggest advances in object technology in recent years.