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Please do not submit CPAN links, instead provide links to the original author site. For example, to list the DBI Module: Do NOT Submit: Instead Submit:
Database related Perl modules.
Perl modules for sending, fetching, and processing E-mails.
Acceptable modules are those that involve 2D and 3D graphics, video effects, charts, text rendering, and printing. Modules limited to reading/writing metadata in image or video files should be submitted to the Metadata sub-category. Submitted titles must be the package name of the module. Listings in this category are limited to the official repositories associated with these modules - maintained by the module''s authors or primary contributors, or its CPAN location. Developer''s sites and other related material should be submitted to the Computers:Programming:Languages:Perl:Graphics category.
Perl modules for reading, generating, processing, saving or displaying images and video.
Perl modules for processing HTML.
XML related Perl modules
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