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Please think carefully if your site belongs here. Is Perl something that this particular business specializes in, or is it something they happen to do incidentally? Would this business be better represented in part of the Computers/Companies directory hierarchy?
Businesses that specialize in Perl services, including consulting, custom programming and training.
Sites which criticise Perl and / or claim that another language is superior.
Perl link collections.
Please submit only tutorials covering the Perl language or specific areas of it.
There is currently no description created for this category.
Acceptable submissions include: developer sites, galleries, benchmarks, tips & tricks, sample code. Official repositories for particular Perl modules should be submitted to the Computers:Programming:Languages:Perl:Modules:Graphics category.
Information on using Perl for 2D/3D Graphics, Video and related Metadata.
Please only submit personal sites dedicated to, or with significant content relating to, the Perl programming language.
There is currently no description created for this category.
Resources pertaining to poetry written in or about Perl.
Perl modules should be submitted to Computers:Programming:Languages:Perl:Modules
Utilities and applications written in, or using, Perl.
This category lists websites about testing Perl programs and modules, Perl QA projects, and how to use Perl for testing in general.
Software development tools are programs and libraries, which can help to make programs, that aid programmers, software developers, in the software development process. They may involve different software platforms, but all have prewritten code.
Submission Tips:

  • Please submit only sites related to Perl user groups, or homepages of the groups themselves.
  • If your site is based in a particular area, please submit it to the relevant subcategory.
  • If your site is not in English, please move submit it to the proper category under World/. Foreign language sites will not be listed here, and submissions without English language content may delay the editing process.

Perl user groups are formed of people who are interested in the Perl programming language. They are often referred to as "Perl Mongers", and named after the area met in (for example, the user group based in Prague is called "").

The Perl Mongers are also an organisation offering free Internet services and general assistance groups around the world.

Larry Wall is the creator of the programming language called Perl.
CGI, mod_perl, and other WWW-based applications of the PERL language.
XML related Perl resources, tutorials, scripts.
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