Emacs is a very versatile and extensible editor. Its extensibility comes from having a built in Lisp interpreter; most of its functionality has been added via Lisp libraries written in the Emacs-Lisp Lisp dialect called 'elisp'. This directory gives you access to the most popular, and best elisp resources on the Web.
This category is for elisp topics only. Submissions on more general Emacs information must go to Computers/Open_Source/Software/Editors/Emacs. Submissions on elisp files that work on only MS-Windows must go to Computers/Open_Source/Software/Editors/Emacs/MS-Windows.
You can read and compose your email in Emacs, which proves that it is more than an editor. You can also read and post to usenet news groups.
A collection of (X)Emacs modes to support editing markup languages like HTML and XML.
One unique aspect of Emacs is the support for software developers. This category holds development sites for developer packages included and not included in the standard Emacs distribution.
To this category, please submit only packages providing development support. Submit more general packages to Computers/Programming/Languages/Lisp/Emacs_Lisp.


Elisp packages to support TeX.