Tools to assist with compiling and/or building Java software.
Source and Class code exploring, fast finding, dependency tracking, package moving and renaming tools.
Tools, almost always pure software, to help refactor (restructure) computer code, especially inheritance hierarchies. All such software automatically analyzes code. Some of it automatically refactors code. Some even automatically deletes duplicate code. Such tools are most useful for object-oriented code, and even more so for prototype-based code. The tools in this category are for use with Java, and mostly Java-based.
Programs primarily intended to aid in finding and fixing bugs.
Tools for use in deploying/releasing software, such as jar creators.
Please only submit software related to java executable wrapping, typically tools that generate executable stubs (whatever the target plaform).

Tools like GCJ that compile java bytecode into autonomous (i.e. not relying on an installed JVM) executable binaries for a given platform should not be considered as "wrappers", and should be proposed to the parent category Computers: Programming: Languages: Java: Development Tools: Deployment

Software relative to JNI should not be proposed here either, but rather to Computers: Programming: Languages: Java: Class Libraries: Platform Specific

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Source-based documentation generators, fast search tools, viewers and other documentation creation, conversion and using tools working exclusively with Java.
Please submit sites about tools working with Java among other languages to Computers/Programming/Development_Tools/Documentation
Tools for creating Graphical User Interfaces for Java applications.
Please do only submit tools to this category that are Java Performance and Testing related only. Tools that provide Performance and Testing features for various programming languages are to be submitted to the general software Performance and Testing category which is linked with this category as related. Tools which offer only a subset of testing features are to be submitted to the respective sub category.

The closer a submitted site is to its actual topic, the faster a submission will be processed.